GOOGLE x NASA | Mapping The Moon

Every year, researchers from around the world come together for the NASA Frontier Development Lab. This prestigious eight-week program encourages its participants to experiment with new technology as they solve for significant breakthroughs in space exploration.

This year, Google sponsored the Frontier Development Lab and contributed its groundbreaking Google Cloud technology. Here, the moon team reveals that the possibilities these resources provide are truly infinite.

Client: Google
Production Company: MediaMonks
Executive Producer: Rogier Durant
Producer: Carolina Brandao
Creative Director: Christy Srisanan
Creative: Karlijn Hendriksen

Director: Nick Enriquez
Director of Photography: Bjorn Amundsen
Editor: Josiah Spencer
Additional Editing: Nick Enriquez
Colorist (Director's Cut): Parker Jarvie @ Company 3
Composer (Director's Cut): Nick Enriquez
Sound Mix/Design (Director's Cut): Bobb Barito

Barcelona Crew
Production Company: Smile
Executive Producer: Jonas Hendrix
Producer: Edu Olavide
Head of Production: Ana Alonso